Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Academically My Dear

Based on our research for the Survival Guide, the Sony DRM incident captured our interest, and we've been spening a lot of time working on aspects of this. We also ended up writing about this in the guide, in the DRM section.

Searching on Sony DRM will catch up up on what has ocurred in this arena, at least, on the surface, but if you want to know what really went on behind the scenes we highly recommend reading the paper Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode written by J. Alex Halderman and professor Ed Felten. Professor Felten is notable because of his original work on digital watermarks, which almost ended up going head to head with the DMCA. This recent DRM paper is an academic work, which goes into detail about not only what happened during this DRM incident, but exactly how the DRM works from a computer science standpoint. Even if you aren't technically inclined, the paper is quite interesting as it discusses the economic and some legal effects of DRM.

The exciting part is that Randall Chertkow (or Randy as he's known to the band) commented on the paper. They made some changes from an early draft based on his comments, and have acknowledged him in the paper on page 26.

If you're interested in DRM, we really think that the paper is a very good read.