Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Busy Weekend

This weekend saw Beatnik Turtle working on website updates, new pages to make it easier for podcasters, some music, a finalization of the All In A Day's Work album so that we could send it to, and a big rehearsal for the International Pop Overthrow and the Razor and Die Show. We also started planning the albums January, February, and...what's the third again? We always forget. Oh yeah, "March." Unfortunately, lots of work to do on them, but we're trying to get radio demo versions done of those albums so that Razor and Die can have them for their radio shows.

Tonight and tomorrow, we'll be doing more work on the new podcaster section of our websites, and we hope to release it shortly. We promise there'll be a big post about podcasting and Beatnik Turtle soon. In short: We want to make it as easy as possible for podcasters to get music, because they can't really use RIAA music. So we've licensed ours as podsafe, and we'll happily send a high-quality version to podcasters if they ask. We're trying to simplify it for them.

And lots of other things. You have only to look at our earlier post to see what we're up to.