Friday, April 27, 2007

Radio Show

The Razor and Die show was a ton of fun. This was our first time on a radio show, and especially playing live.

We spent about an hour getting the sound straight, and practicing the songs. It's strange when you play for radio, because you can't see your audience. Although we're used to recording, normally, when you record, it's not live. You can go back if you make a mistake. Instead, we had two mics in the middle of the room that we were singing towards.

The saxophones, especially the Bari sax, were so loud compared to the rest that they had to be played from another room. Normally, when they're played with the band, are drowned out.

After we finished the sound check, we literally wrote two more songs for Song of the Day while we were in the band room. Next time we make it to the studio, we'll record full versions of them.

The interview was quick, and over before we knew it. We'll be posting the show soon. We want to thank Razor and Die for inviting us!

Now, don't forget to come to tomorrow's show at the Abbey Pub to see us live if you are in Chicago