Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What We Want To Know About the EMI/iTunes Deal...

EMI has decided to be the first major label to release their music DRM free from iTunes. What we want to know is: When can WE as an indie band sell our own music DRM-free on iTunes?

Our feelings about DRM are spelled out nicely here. We only put our music on sites that have DRM as a convenience to people, in case they want to purchase it that way. For those that want to buy our music, we recommend non-DRM sites, such as But iTunes, like it or not, is really the 900-pound gorilla. Most of our online sales comes from them, and their overseas affiliates. And since they did not allow us to choose, our music is burdened with their filthy DRM.

I hope they decide to give us the option to remove it soon.