Thursday, May 3, 2007

The IPO festival

This is the fifth time that we were at the Abbey pub, I believe, and as always, it was a pleasure to play there. The set that we played was almost entirely new music. Out of all of the songs we played, there were perhaps three that were ones that we'd played before. So this one was a bit of a challenge.

We really enjoyed the bands that played before us, and we also want to thank David Bash for inviting us to the IPO festival for a third time.

Unfortunately, this is probably the last time that we'll play live on stage for the rest of the year. We have a lot more songs to write and record to meet our 365 song goal, and recording is difficult to do when you're practicing for a live show. We have plans for live performances, however, which may include some web-streaming concerts this year, a possible show or two at coffee houses, and other possibilities. We haven't gone through the options yet, but we'll definitely announce this when we know more.

Now, we're back in this studio this weekend at the cabin in Wisconsin to record drums and other parts, write new songs, and finish up a bunch of songs that are near-done so that we can queue them up for the coming few months. We also may be making web updates.