Saturday, January 26, 2008

I Don't Want To Work Today

Well, at least I didn't want to work this past Thursday.

What does one do with all their time once such an intense all-consuming project like The Song Of The Day completes? Start staying out very late two nights in a row during the week, of course. Jam sessions and open mics are a LOT of fun but are starting to leave me more tired than when I was working on hundreds of songs late at night. Almost... But then again, it's worth it to experience performing I Don't Want To Work Today and actually have people in the crowd sing along. VERY cool.

On an unrelated note - if you live in a condo, avoid getting on the board if you can help it. In my case, I couldn't help it. The building is small and needed some managerial attention. Well, let's just say we're dealing with a catastrophic financial situation right now and it's a nightmare. More on this crazy story later...