Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Spoontaneous Song

No I didn't miss-spell that or accidentally re-post my entry about writing the song Ants. Every time I see the title of that entry "A Spontaneous Song" I can't help but remember the first song I recorded with Beatnik Turtle which ended up as a Song of The Day. The first verse was written by a UK band called "Spoontaneous Combustion." and the song is called That's Chappy (When He's Got The Flu). The story behind the song is detailed in the song notes:

About two years ago, Beatnik Turtle got an email from a band out of the UK that wanted the chords to a song we wrote called "I Think You Think I Think You Don't Like Me." They wanted to add the song to their setlist. We gave them the chords, but in return, we asked for a song that they wrote. After all, it's only fair that if they were covering one of of ours, we should do something with one of theirs.

What we got back was what became the first verse of this song. It was about one of the band members, Chappy, and how he had the flu. Jason ended up turning the 20 second email idea they had into a full song and this is the result: a song created via a "US-UK Music Exchange Program."

A number of songwriters contributed to The Song Of The Day project during the past couple of years, but none as geographically distant as Spoontaneous Combustion. "That's Chappy" was a fun experiment - one we'd like to try again.