Tuesday, January 1, 2008

An Unusual Gig

We played our first internet show today. Why did we decide to do an internet show? We love to play live. Over the years, we have played traditional live shows in the Chicago area and I'm sure that we will do more in the year ahead. In fact, I play at a (mostly) weekly open mic at Cullen's on Southport Ave on Wednesday nights to exercise my performance chops, hang out, listen to, and support the rest of the open mic performers. It's a great crowd and always a lot of fun. But we decided to try this experiment today for a couple of reasons. First, those of you who listen to our music on a regular basis are highly geographically spread out. We'd love to have all of you come to Chicago to see us play live, but of course that's not the most practical expectation. Second, touring is not in our immediate future. Daily work and family life precludes the possibility of getting everyone in the band to hit the road for a tour. It would be fun - a LOT of fun - but unlikely that we could truly make it happen anytime soon. So, we decided to try and bring a live show to you the same way you get our music on a daily basis - on our site.

Today's show was an experiment to see if the technology would support a live A/V feed from a location like the living room at our Studio North facility in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I have to say the experiment not only proved that the technology worked, but it was also a LOT of fun! After the show today, we decided to do more of these kinds of shows in the year ahead. If you missed the live stream, you can check out the re-run here:

Unfortunately we didn't hit the record button until after the first song (lesson learned!), but most of the show still got captured.

Now I have to figure out what to play at tomorrow's open mic at Cullen's. If you're in Chicago and around the Southport area tomorrow night, stop by to listen and say hello (or if you're a musician, get up and play a couple songs). Cullen's is just north of the Music Box Theater and the open mic starts at 9.