Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Cost Of Studio Time

Stuff costs money. Studio time costs money. That's why we have our own studios in our homes. We spend a bit up front on hardware and software and get a LOT of use out of it without having to pay hourly studio rates. That is, unless you are trying to record bari sax past 11pm on a weeknight and your studio happens to be in a condo with neighbors. There's a four foot thick brick wall between my studio and my nearest neighbor, but bari sax is REALLY loud.

We're seriously under the gun trying to get our album done by Saturday. The project is going very well, but last night was our last chance to get saxes recorded on one song. I actually had to bribe my neighbor last night for an extra half hour of bari sax recording. In essence, I had to pay for time in my own studio. Argh.