Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feels Like Home...

I've been playing a weekly open mic here in Chicago on Wednesday nights since September. I started because I wanted to get more practice playing our songs in front of a real crowd of people. Since we record SO much, we don't get out to play live very often, which is OK because I LOVE the songs we get out of our studio time. But, playing live is yet another skill to be developed, practiced, and honed and I found that the few times we DO get out to play per year, I was WAY rusty in my skills - especially as a singer. So I figured the best way to work out the kinks was to get out to open mics and get experience and practice. Well, I was right, but...

...I found so much more out there. I found more than just a venue and an audience and a place to perform a few songs. I found a group of talented people so passionate about playing music that they come out week after week, stay up 'til after 2 on a school night, cheer each other on as we each get up and play and we all sound good, sometimes great, sometimes OK, and it's always OK whatever happens up there as long as it's fun. And it's always fun.

Tonight was the first night after our host Scott Besaw from Old Town School moved our regular Wednesday open mic from Cullen's to Bad Dog Tavern. Cullen's was just starting to feel like home, being there week after week and all. I was a little apprehensive about a new venue, but as soon as I walked in the door and saw all the familiar faces I realized that "home" was the people not the place. And the open mic was awesome as always!

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