Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Open Mic at Pint

Yesterday, I didn't think I'd end up playing the open mic at Pint, but once I got to my class last night and started playing my fatigue dropped away and I had to get out and play some more. So I actually DID make it to Pint last night.

Pint is a pretty neat place - comfy couches all around and a fireplace. The format is pretty different from Cullen's - The host, Brian, doesn't announce anyone - you just get up and announce yourself and play. You get 15 minutes to play and Brian hits "play" on an iPod when your time is up (NOT in the middle of a song, though). The open mic is in the back room and people from the front bar tend to wander in and out to check out who's playing.

Pint is definitely mellower than Cullen's (my usual Wednesday night open mic) and is sometimes really quiet. Since I hadn't played for most of the people who were there before (about 12) I did a bunch of my standard open mic songs - Under The Radar, I Don't Want To Work Today, Do You Mind?, and Two Twenty-Nine.

I'm undecided on my 2-song set for Cullen's tonight. I'm thinking of some anti-Valentine's day songs (read: break up songs). Maybe "Are You Happy Now?" by Richard Shindell and Two Twenty-Nine. We'll see...