Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Come Hang Out With The Band (And See Some Great Live Music)

On Sunday, April 20th, Beatnik Turtle was supposed to play at the Abbey Pub for our fourth appearance at the International Pop Overthrow. We were excited, it's a great spring show for us, and we were gearing up to play lots of new songs from Song of the Day as well as perhaps a live version of Pizza: The Rock Opera.

Alas, the IPO this year is not to be for us. One of our band members had an emergency, and can't make it. Instead, the band Cyclesomething will be taking our place.

And we're going to be there.

Come on out, see some great IPO music on a Sunday afternoon, and hang out with the band in a way that you never get to when we play. Hope you can make it! We certainly will.

Sunday Afternoon, April 20
The Abbey
(All Ages!)
3420 W. Grace
773 478-4408

1:00 ScribbleMonster
1:30 Woodward
2:00 Gidgets Ga Ga
2:30 Blackout 101
3:00 Catsplash
3:30 Cyclesomething