Friday, May 16, 2008

Report From The Road (Part 2)

I wandered Toronto a bit this afternoon - a few hours' walk. Weather turned nice and I managed to fit in a visit to the CN Tower. I grabbed a few pictures while I was there - some at the equivalent of 147 floors above ground level, accessed by a windowed elevator designed to induce vertigo on your way up. I swear this tower was swaying in the wind while I was up there.

Here's a couple shots of the tower:

The CN Tower

The CN Tower Close Up

Looking out the "skypod" 147 floors above ground:

Looking out the skypod

There's actually a glass floor that you can walk on if you're brave. I had to walk away and come back before testing my weight on the glass floor. They say that each 40 inch by 50 inch pane of glass can hold the weight of something like 14 hippos. It still made me nervous - I don't like heights much. Here's a view looking through the glass floor:

Looking through the floor

There has to be a song in this somewhere...