Monday, May 19, 2008

Report From The Road (Part 5) - Obey This!

Passing a rail yard somewhere in Ontario, I spotted this strange rail car. I'm sure there's a perfectly good professional railroader's definition of what I saw, but for the layperson (no pun intended) it looks funny.

Here's the rail car:

Odd Car In Train Yard

And I'd obey the instructions stenciled on the outside if I were you:

I'd Obey These Orders If I Were You

Check out more pictures from the train journey on my Flickr page.


  1. Tom!
    That's actually and equipment shed, it holds tools for maintenance and to thaw the switches in the winter.
    The description of the observation car was so cool!
    Have a safe one!

  2. Man, I have to wake up before I comment on this stuff....I went to the Flikr page and saw the detail of the flat car that the thing was on...
    So, as of now I am stupid and I have no idea what that thing on the flat car is. Please pardon my propensity for jumping to conclusions.