Thursday, May 22, 2008

Report From The Road (Part 6) - Worn Out

After 2 days worth of walking on glaciers, through forests, and hiking though waterfall carved canyons, I was worn out. I couldn't do more than just post a few pictures yesterday while I had dinner - only a few of the hundreds I grabbed. I remember the days of watching the little counter on the back of the camera count down from 24 to 0 as a roll of film was getting used up, taking care to shoot only the very best pictures. Now, the counter on the LCD starts at 1200 (2GB worth). You have to shoot video to start using up all that space (which is, of course, something I've been doing). Post processing video is a lot more work than uploading pictures, though, so I'll have to do that when I get back.

I'll post more after today's train journey from Jasper, Alberta to Kamloops, British Columbia - provided the hotel will have internet (fingers crossed).

Standing On The Athabasca Glacier!