Thursday, May 29, 2008

Report From The Road (Part 9) - Last Train Home

Well, I'm on the last leg of my journey - I'm on the Empire Builder train which just left Seattle bound for Chicago. I have some songs started which I need to get further along over the course of the next two days on this train plus some relaxing and scenery viewing to do. Some highlights from this trip:

1. Champagne served in the dome cars on Via Rail's "The Canadian" train between Toronto and Jasper:

The First Of Many Champagne Toasts

2. Playing guitar after midnight in the dome car:

Playin' In The Dome

3. Hiking through Maligne Canyon:

The Fifth Bridge

4. Entertaining a train car-load of Australian tourists:


5. Forgetting to get pictures of me playing an open mic at Darby's Pub in Vancouver.

6. Starting out of Seattle on The Empire Builder, writing this blog entry while cursing my cell phone data connection for not letting me upload the pictures I just took of my train compartment to Flickr.

I may stay in touch if my data connection allows, but for now, I'm signing off from the last train home...