Sunday, July 27, 2008

Redesign Coming Soon!

There's a big redesign of the Beatnik Turtle website coming soon. Be on the lookout!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who Left Their Brain At Home?

As someone who built their day career on database application development, I can't help but call attention to this situation: Some company called "Channel Intelligence" managed to patent the concept of creating lists of items in a database. In 2005. Huh?

Now, this "Channel Intelligence" is suing a number of small web 2.0 companies.

Check out the patent at Google Patent Search. I don't see Chris Date or Edgar F. Codd on the list of "inventors" on that patent.

How the hell does something like this happen? I think someone at the Patent and Trademark Office left their brain at home on July 12, 2005...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Star Wars Video At Atom Films!

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away (actually last year in our studio), Jason and I created a video at using our song, Star Wars (A Film Like No Other). Recently, we licensed the video to Atom Films to be part of their Star Wars fan film contest. As of today, it was posted on their site. Check it out and watch the whole thing! Give us a thumbs up vote while you're at it :)

Open Mic Tonight


If I survive the trek through this monsoon I'll be playing the usual Wednesday open mic at Bad Dog Tavern. Tonight I'll be playing some traditional Irish songs with a couple of other open mic regulars. I might be able to sneak in a rendition of Tell Me Ma, but we'll see. I have something else in mind too...