Monday, August 4, 2008

Weather And Friends

Actually, what I don't get is this odd connection between a couple of my friends and the weather.

A number of years ago, I went to my friend Uditt's house for a mid-summer barbecue. While flipping over burgers and steaks on the grill it started raining. We pulled the grill into the garage and watched as hail started coming down. Then the wind got nasty and the storm sirens sounded - all while we were still making sure the steaks didn't burn rather than taking cover in the basement. We were young and stupid - what else can I say. The funny thing is, this same incident repeated itself a few years later. That led to the obvious conclusion that when Uditt barbecues, there's gonna be a huge storm.

Fast forward to last year. During Song of the Day production, Jason and I took a number of weekend trips to Lake Geneva to record drums with John. I swear - EVERY time we set out for Lake Geneva, we ended up driving through blizzards or downpours or hailstorms or even huge wind. One time, we even drove through some food poisoning (but that's another entry some day). NOTHING would stop us from completing our mission. But we started equating being on the road to major weather disruption.

Tonight, Chicago was subjected to a monsoon. There were high winds, major rain, and the storm sirens were blaring. Just a minute ago, I spotted Jason's tweet on our shiny new Beatnik Turtle home page (not quite live yet). It read:

Safely home. Now to unpack. Night all!

OF COURSE! Jason was on the road. It all makes sense now! Jason on a road trip = major storm passing through. Now I wonder if Uditt was barbecuing...