Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NYC: Oyster Shucking Fit and Meat Pies

So after the first day at the Web 2.0 Expo in NYC, I hit the hotel and remembered my brother-in-law, a tug boat captain of some renown, telling me, "Hey if you go to Manhattan check out Ulysses. The Oysters are great!"

Well being from Chicago where good oysters are rare and since we're in the tail end of shellfish being palatable (September does have an "R" after all) I decided no time like the present. I walked over to Grand Central Station (Which was, well, bigger than I expected) and caught the number 5 subway train to Bowling Green. I came up looking for 58 Stone Street, which confused me for a minute because it appeared that Stone Street ended in big building. Only after walking around the building did I see the REAL Stone street: a narrow brick street sectioned off for pedestrian travel only, and that was filled with tables.

Half way up the street I found it, Ulysses Folk House. I came in, took a seat, and a friendly waitress named Georgia, helped me get a beer right way: The Brooklyn Pumpkin Ale (It was good for one beer, but I wouldn't have more than that at one sitting: you know how flavored beers can get). Georgia asked me what else she could get for me and I said, "Well, I was told your oysters are excellent." She nodded at me knowingly and I ordered four oysters at $2 a piece.

Now, I'm not really an expert, so I was a little worried about eating raw shellfish for two bucks. However, when the came out they we big, firm, and tasty; no slimy, fishy, ugghh that would make me wretch back home in the Midwest. Just goes to show, get your seafood on the coast. I found that they were best with just a bit of horseradish and lemon.

After the oysters and the Brooklyn Ale I got a Guinness and a cottage pie, which was excellent. Tasted like fresh rosemary and sage and you could tell that the veggies were not from a can: a HUGE plus in my book. I left stuffed and feeling fine.

So, If you happen to be in NYC I recommend. In fact September 27th is their big Stone Street Oyster Festival. It should be a shucking good time.