Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween, Daylight Saving and Elections, Oh My!

Whoa. Big weekend kiddos. First its a Friday Halloween, which pretty much means Halloween parties all weekend, right. Fortunately, Daylight Saving(s) ends Sunday, which pretty much means an extra hour of partying Saturday night. Monday, You'll get up and the sun will up (Yea!), but come home and it will already be dark (Bummer). And to put a nice little bow on it all, Tuesday's the election.

Th honor these three rights of Fall (at least every fourth year) give a listen to the very creepy Dolls, the timely Daylight Savings Time is Gone Again, and, all of a sudden, Nobody Voted for this Guy.

Happy Halloweenie!
The Halloweenie
(Note: The Halloweenie is not very happy.)