Monday, November 3, 2008

Amazon Begins Fighting Wrap-Rage

THANK YOU AMAZON (and cooperating businesses)! Tom R. and I are sort of usability buffs and have had MANY conversations about how frustrating and annoying those clam shell, twist-tie, over packed products are, especially when you buy online. I suppose there are very minor points to the wasteful and cumbersome packing for a "brick-and-mortar" store to deter what the retail industry calls "shrinkage" (No, not the same thing that George Costanza got on Seinfeld). But there is no reason for that crap with online vendors.

The video they have is cute too. Especially for those of us who have bought a kid a toy and had them loose interest/joy because unwrapping the thing took forever. Wrap rage indeed.

Hopefully Amazon will not stop there. If we can just remove what Denis Leary calls the "Dog bone mother-(expletive deleted)" packaging from CDs and DVDs. But since online downloads came around, that can be avoided... Unless of course you want to maybe give some stocking-stuffers.

Which reminds me, BT albums make great holiday gift-a-reenos! I am shameless. I do not apologize.