Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BT Status Report. . . It Is Flippin' COLD!

To BT fans living in warmer climates: You people are geniuses. It is already scarf-over-your-face-to-prevent-wind-burn weather here in Chicago. And its only just begun.

As for what's been up at Beatnik Turtle Industries... Lots. Tom R., Jason, Ryan, and Carrie had been working hard this weekend touching up songs for the upcoming Best of TheSongOfTheDay.com album (Coming in early 2009). Meanwhile Randy and I are pounding away on the IndieBandSurvivalGuide.com site: We have a LOT of upgrades in mind for December.

We've also been discussing some plans for the 2009 RPM Challenge an how to involve you (Yes, you. The person in front of the monitor.) Don't worry, you'll get an update on that well before February 1st, 2009. Keep checking in for more info.

Hey, you have to do something to fight the cabin fever when its this cold.