Monday, November 3, 2008

Geek Shout Out: Spaced

On a lark, I rented a British show featuring Simon Pegg and a few others you might recognize from Shaun of the Dead. It's called Spaced and, this is why Americans love the BBC, its bloody fantastic. I just finished Season 1 and am joyfully looking forward to Season 2 coming in the mail.

Pegg is great in this (As always) as Tim, the broken-hearted comic artist/geek, but I really appreciated the other cast members as well. Jessica Hynes (then Stevenson), who co-wrote and plays the female lead, Daisy, is both shameless and hilarious. Mark Heap, who plays Brian, the disturbed artist from downstairs, is also excellent. Additionally the cinematography is top notch and a character in itself: a credit to director Edgar Wright.

The writing is funny and more referential then a Family Guy and Simpsons episode mashed together. Also the characters are strong and well written. Pegg and Hynes play character dynamics very well: Cheers keeps coming to mind.

If you define your self as a geek and a fan of sci-fi, pop-culture and humor from across the pond, this one's for you.