Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A 10 Year Anniversary

Today marks a couple of really important anniversaries for Beatnik Turtle. Two years ago we had just launched The Song Of The Day and were toasting champagne to the tune of the first song, One year ago we were toasting the close of the project, celebrating the fact that we actually did it - released 365 songs in one year. Wow. That was huge!

However, I was just thinking about TEN years ago. I was invited to a good friend's New Year's Day recovery party - January 1, 1999 (that would be Tom Beeyachski - the mastermind behind some great songs of the day such as Well F--k and The C-Word). He was showing off his brand new Taylor 814-CE guitar. It was the first time I put my hands on this amazing instrument. Ten years ago. A decade. Luckily, later in 1999, he loaned me this particular guitar to play for a while when he spontaneously bought a Larrivee during a trip to Guitar Center to get some picks and strings. After a couple months he asked if I'd like to buy the Taylor. I said "hell yeah!" That wonderful guitar is still with me today. All the Beatnik Turtle acoustic guitar tracks I recorded were done with this guitar, so you can hear the sound on many of them.

Here's to ten years!