Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Un-Holidays: Hear Us Christmas Eve (And Then Some)

Happy Holidays! Or, Happy Un-Holidays. Whichever you prefer, we don't judge...

If you're in the mood for some different type of Holiday music, then we got you covered. We're all over the place this month...

1. GeeksRadio - Christmas Eve (6-8 PM Eastern Standard Time)
Some of our Un-Hoiiday music will be featured on the new internet radio station, GeeksRadio at GeeksRadio.fm. The show is hosted by John "Lumpy" Lemke and you can catch him and his show this Wednesday, December 24th from 6-8 PM Eastern Standard Time. All you need is your computer to catch the stream. And what better way to spend Christmas Eve than with your computer? Eh?

2. CD Baby & CD Baby's Music Discovery Podcast
Also, all this month our album, "Santa Doesn't Like You" has been featured at CD Baby as part of their Rock Christmas list. Our title track from "Santa Doesn't Like You" is also featured on CD Baby's Music Discovery Podcast. Their new podcast is well-produced and we highly recommend subscribing to it.

3. WXRT 93.1 Holiday Spectacular - Chicago Radio
We were also one of the indie artists that make up WXRT's Local Anesthetic Holiday Spectacular this year. Every year XRT DJ, Richard Milne, puts together an hour long show of Holiday greeting from local artists around Chicago. This year we doctored up "I Didn't Know She Was Into That" and added sleighbells. The end result was "I Didn't Know She Was Into Kwanzaa." Destined to be a Holiday classic, we're sure.

4. Directly From Us At TheSongOfTheDay.com
We've been featuring some of our Un-Holiday music on our TheSongOfTheDay.com podcast, including a sound check live version of "Santa Doesn't Like You" and some new ones from last year like "Lies Make The Baby Jesus Cry". Subscribe to the podcast and get a new song each week. It's kinda like getting a Christmas gift each week.

5. Get Our Album, "Santa Doesn't Like You"
Of course, if you want to support us a bit, just grab our album "Santa Doesn't Like You". You can pick up a CD, get it on MP3, or download it from the iTunes (and other fine retailers). It makes a great stocking stuffer. And it's great for kid's! Er...maybe not.