Sunday, February 1, 2009

An Album in 28 Days

Today's the day and we're starting to record because there's no time to lose.

We've got some song ideas, lyrics, and demos. We've got the studio fired up. And, we've got a plan o' attack.

Now the hard part: concepting the album.

Our first RPM album was recorded during our project and ended up being about work and technology. Last year we decided to reinvent traditional Irish songs (and crankthem to "11").

This year we decided to try our hand at creating a kid's album, Beatnik Turtle style.

Basically, what the "Beatnik Turtle style" thing means is we'll be writing songs that we normally write, but just drawing on our own memories of being a kid. In other words, this won't be about learning ABC's or 123's, but rather songs about bullies, going to school, and asking repeatedly, "are we there yet?"

We're seeing the album as a sort of "day in the life" of a kid. We've got a song called "Get Up & Outta Bed" and a reprise envisioned called "Go To Bed" which could bookend the album. In fact, we put the call out for clock sound effects and alarms cuz we think that might be the best way to start the album. Sort of like a Dark Side of The Moon album but, you know, for kids! (If you got any clock/alarms you can record, please contact us at our collaboration site!)

So, as of Feb 1, all the pieces are in place. We'll see how many are still standing come March 1...

You're invited to collaborate with us.

It's easy.

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