Saturday, January 10, 2009

Help Us Write And Record Our Next Album This February!

Hey - we just made you a part of our band. Starting now. And we want you to help us write/record a new album this February. We're gonna release it March 1st, so we gotta get crackin'.

Yep, we're participating in RPM Challenge once again! This will be our third time making an entire album within the month of February. But this year we want to do something different. We're opening up the entire creation process to everyone. So, join us! We set up a collaboration site at Facebook just so we have a homebase for the project. So if you're on Facebook, join us!

You = Create. Converse. Collaborate. Boss Beatnik Turtle Around!

We originally dubbed the Facebook collaboration site "The Fishbowl" until someone noted turtles live in terrariums. So join us at "The Terrarium"!

Got a microphone? Know how to record? We'd like to get you on the album - whether recording handclaps, playing a instrument, or singing along (to a song we have yet to write...)! We'll coordinate all this through The Terrarium and our forthcoming Songs-In-Progress podcast.

A podcast, you say? Yes, if you're going to be a part of it, you gotta hear everything we record on our way to completing the album by March 1st. More on that below...

All you have to do to participate is head here and become a fan of the band. It's one-click if you're on Facebook already and if you're not, it's a few additional clicks as you create your account (it's easy, fun, and free to join). Plus, all your friends are on Facebook already, wondering where you are

Together, We're Making a Kid's Album

We've been wanting to record a kid's album for awhile now and there's no better time than the present. If you have song ideas, post them at the forum on the Facebook site. If you have any album title suggestions, post them to the Facebook site.

Make Sure We're Not Slacking - See Us Record At The Studio!

Our main studio's webcams just went live here at TurtleShell. Click here to see the feed. We'll likely leave these cameras going until March 1st, so check back in, keep tabs on your Facebook account, or follow us on Twitter so we can tell you when we're on.

Songs-In-Progress Podcast Coming Soon

Like we said above, we'll be releasing everything we record - song ideas, demos, scratch mixes - EVERYTHING - as we rush to complete the yet-to-be-named-by-you album by RPM Challenge's deadline this February 28th at 11:59pm.

We'll have the first one out late tomorrow (January 11th) as we'll be setting things up here in the studio. Which you can watch. How wild is that? Who invented this internet?

The more the better the album will be. Spread the word and join us now!