Monday, January 19, 2009

Songs Under Construction 'Kast - Episode #0

Welcome to our new podcast, the Songs Under Construction 'Kast. As you may know, we are once again participating in RPM Challenge where we will create an album in 28 days from February 1 to February 28.
Beatnik Turtle's Songs Under Construction 'Kast
Our participation in the last two years' RPM Challenges yielded two Beatnik turtle albums: 2007's office tribute album, All In A Day's Work and last year's rocked-out Irish song compilation, Sham Rock. This year, we're making a kid's album, Beatnik Turtle style. However, instead of hiding ourselves in our studios for a month and keeping all of our plans top-secret, we're going to make this album right in front of everyone. And, we're going to share all our songs as they are being created and constructed via our new podcast. That's everything from raw ideas recorded in a songwriting session to all the scratch mixes we make as we work our way to the final recording.

A subscription to this feed buys you access to all of our RPM Challenge Songs Under Construction all for the low, low, LOW price of $0.00!!!

Now that you can SEE and HEAR what we're doing as we record, we'd love it if you also jumped on board and participated. Throw us song ideas, lyrics, album cover ideas, and even some audio tracks! All you have to do is head to our collaboration page on Facebook - Beatnik Turtle Terrarium. Just become a fan and you can participate.

Learn more by hearing our promo below. The podcast will become available this week...!