Sunday, February 8, 2009

Songs Under Construction 'Kast - Episode #15

This song is about having a crush on your teacher.

This song, "I Like The Way She Cleans Erasers", is the song Tom, John, and I wrote Friday night that led to the big discussion about whether we were creating an album for kids or an album about us as kids. We collectively came to the realization that we were writing two albums. After we wrote this one, we decided we'd head down "the album about us as kids" route. And once we made that decision, the concept for the album came into focus and it became a LOT easier to pick the songs for the album.

This is a "guide track plus". The drums and vocals are the final ones we'll be using, but everything else will disappear.

Our friends in the band Another Cultural Landslide (who are also participating in the tuned in to the studio webcams while we were recording vocals, took in the song, and sent us a lick/melody line right then and there. Talk about collaborating. So, when you hear the cosmic, dreamy harmonium in the background, that's thanks to them!

Anyone can throw us more ideas at our Facebook collaboration page. Please feel free.

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