Monday, February 9, 2009

Songs Under Construction 'Kast - Episode #17

We love working with other musicians and with this album we were lucky enough to get the chance to work with the great George Hrab (indie musician, podcaster, writer, and all around uber-talent). We've been meaning to work together since interviewing him for our book, The Indie Band Survival Guide and DIY Music Manual. And this album seemed the perfect chance, so we called him up.

While describing the concept of the album to George on the phone, he commented on how there's a ton of stuff kids have these days that we didn't have growing up. And, "When I Was Your Age" was born. After the call, I went back to John and Tom and told them about the phrase we all heard while we were kids and how that may make a good album title as it captures the concept behind the album well. We'll see if it sticks...

Anyway, within two days George emailed over the guide track of the song he came up with - guitar/bass, click, and vocal. And it's awesome. It's now up to us to build up, arrange, add instruments, backing vocals, etc. (we're really, really hoping George will sing lead -- as he should!). And, what you'll hear here is the guide and the final drum track.

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P.S. If you're not already subscribed to George's highly entertaining, fun, and thought-provoking Geologic Podcast, by all means subscribe and do so today. You have over a hundred podcasts to enjoy. I envy you cuz you have so many to catch up on. I, however, have to wait now like everyone else until he posts a new one each week.

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