Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Songs Under Construction 'Kast - Episode #31

Now the final mixing starts! This is my first stab at a real mix of "I Like The Way She Cleans Erasers." It's labeled "Mix 0.5" which pretty much means I don't consider it to be final. When you start to see mix numbers like 1.0, that means I consider them final - even though The one we actually release might be adjusted further - numbered like 1.1 or higher depending on the number of iterations. A lot of times I listen to a mix the next day (what I call "the next day reality check") and discover things like snare drums too loud or pianos too buried. If I make an adjustment at the mastering stage rather than the mix stage, it gets a number like 1.01 (this would be the first master adjustment on mix number 1.0). In our file system, you would songs numbered like 2.32 (a significant re-mix with three revisions PLUS two mastering revisions of Mix 2.3).

Ok - enough ramble and on to the song. The album is starting to take shape!

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