Thursday, February 19, 2009

We'd like you on our album!

Hey - we'd like you on our album.

As you may know, our band is in the middle of recording a new album and we'd love for all of you to be a part of it. Consider this the invitation. All we're asking is if you'd record something (dialog, hand claps, singing) and email it to us by Thursday Feb 26th, and we'll do our best to include you on our album.



1. Hand claps!
All we need is a few. Don't worry about timing, we'll work the magic to get you in time...


2. Shouting out the following lyrics from the bridge in "My Cereal":
What's an album about kids without a nod to cereal?

We could use a chorus of shouts on the bridge of "My Cereal". Here's the deep and meaningful lyrics:

"Coco Crisps! Coco Roos! Coco Wheat! Coco Puffs!
Coco Crunch! Coco Pops! Coco Hoots! Trix!"

Here's a guide track to the song so far so you can hear the rhythm:

It's gotta be shouting/chanting. We can work the magic to fit you into time. Doing multiple voices is always a plus. We'll use what we get...


3. Interview Kids!
If you have access to kids (i.e. you know of some or you made some of your own) we're wondering if you can record yourself interviewing them.

We drafted a questionnaire to help elicit responses in the spirit of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of The Moon". We're planning on weaving the best kid responses between songs on the album...


a. What time do you have to go to bed?
b. What's your favorite cereal? Why is it your favorite cereal? Etc.
c. Are you a tattletale? Do you know of any tattletales? What do you think of people who tattle? Etc.
d. Do you have a favorite teacher? What's his/her name? Why is he/she your favorite teacher? Etc.
e. Do you like school? If so, what's your favorite thing about school?
f. What's your favorite subject and why? What is your least favorite subject and why?
g. What do you think of bullies? Have you ever been bullied? What happened to the bully? Did he/she ever get in trouble?
h. Do you believe in monsters? Have you ever seen a monster? What do you think of them? Etc.
i. Do you like to go on car trips? What's the longest car trip you've ever been on? How long did it take?

These are just our suggestions, feel free to tackle more topics. These are simply based on some of the song subjects.

Beyond creating something for the album, being a parent myself, this interview would just be a good "snapshot" to have of your child's thoughts to enjoy when they're older (or to spring on them when they least expect it).


4. Clocks!
We're looking for people to record their clocks. It can be anything - grandfather, alarm, kitchen clock, wristwatch. Whatever. As long as it ticks, chimes, and bongs. The album will begin with this. We got some in already. We need more...


5. Singing "Hey Joe (Joe Bully)"
Can you sing? No? It doesn't matter. You can now...and we'd like you on the chorus to this sing-a-long.

The chorus is simply, "Hey Joe, Joe Bully". Again, deep and thought-provoking lyrics that will touch all our souls and resonate for years...

Here's a guide track so you can hear the rhythm and melody:

Do your best to sing in time, but know that we have the NASA technology to make it all fit together in the song. We're good like that.

Here's a tip: have the MP3 play in the background and sing to that. It's okay if it bleeds a bit (but not a lot!).

That's all we have at the moment (deadlines will do that), but know we're up on "the Facebook" and created a collaboration page so if you have any ideas for additional things to contribute, please join us there:

We're all ears.

Please just send it to "collaborate (at)". We prefer a WAV file for the shorter stuff, but will take MP3s as well (especially for longer items like interviews....). Whatever works for you...


Thursday Feb 26. But that's only because the album is due March 2nd! We have to start mixing and mastering by that date, so we'll need things locked in by then.


Contact us.


The more the merrier. If you know oothers who would be up for this, please feel free tolink to this page or send them to our Facebook Collaboration page:

Thanks and hope to have you become part of the album!!!