Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Did It - Album Done

One thing about making an album in a month is you end up crashing hard the day it's over.

That was today.

And now my sleep cycle is completely off. But, we did it. The new album is entitled "When I Was Your Age" as it's a look back at ourselves when we were kids. But then, if you've been listening to the Songs Under Construction Kasts, you know that.

When I Was Your Age - Draft Cover

We were able to get everyone's handclaps and vocals into the songs! We ended up running out of time to try the clock intro, so that album just starts with the first song. Also, the kid interviews that were submitted we couldn't get to as well. We were able to sneak 3 kids in the album, however. But it certainly wasn't what we planned to do. We wanted to weave kid dialog throughout the album. But, once again we ran out of time.

Worse, our trombonist came up with a great song called "I Don't Need To Try It To Know I Won't Like It" which we regretted not having time to add to the pile either. So, we're going to spend the rest of March putting the final touches on the album and the album artwork for it's "official" release later this year (just as we did with Sham Rock and All In A Day's Work before this one).

Of course, all 13 songs on the album will all debut at starting next week. So, subscribe to that podcast if you haven't already!

Thanks again to all those who sent in handclaps, singing, clocks, and interviews for the album!