Monday, May 25, 2009

Star Wars Music Video Airs Today on SpikeTV - Makes A Great Drinking Game!

Just a reminder that the video for our song "Star Wars (A Film Like No Other" will air on SpikeTV today - Monday, May 25th sometime in the afternoon (allegedly around 2pm...though that could be Central Standard Time or Pacific...we're not sure). It's Star Wars 32nd anniversary, so SpikeTV is airing the music video in between the CSI marathon.

If you catch it on the air, keep in mind the song makes a great drinking game -- not only because it's an Irish-take on the original three movies, but it's a holiday as well.


Grab an adult beverage and get ready to DRINK!

Here are the rules:

1. Everyone pick a character or two from the original series. Every time your character's name pops up or is referenced to, DRINK!
2. All DRINK whenever the phrase "Star Wars" is sung
3. No one drinks if there's any reference to the crappy prequel movies.

That's all there is to it. We recommend Colt 45 of course, given that's Lando's favorite beer.

If you don't have cable or don't want to wait to start drinking, then you can catch the video here - right on our video page.

Happy anniversary Star Wars and thanks SpikeTV!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Star Wars (A Film Like No Other) Music Video to Air on SpikeTV Monday, May 25th

A long, long time ago we created a music video for our song "Star Wars (A Film Like No Other" through's cool video mashup tools. That video will now air on SpikeTV this Monday, May 25th sometime during their CSI Marathon.

(Um, why during a CSI marathon? May 25th is Star Wars 32nd anniversary, of course...)

Details are sketchy, but it should air @ 2pm. By sketchy, we mean, we're not really sure what time zone they meant when the good people of SpikeTV told us 2pm. They're out of California, so that could be 2pm their time. That would make it 4pm Central Standard Time, 5pm Eastern Standard Time, etc. Then again, they could have meant 2pm Central Time knowing that's the time zone Beatnik Turtle calls home. Then again, they could have meant - oh boy. This is starting to make my head hurt. Just like this season's LOST.

Anyway, you can catch the video here - right on our video page.

Happy anniversary Star Wars and thanks SpikeTV!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Silence Will Be Broken - LIVE Show on 5/14/09

Hey all, long time no Blog. But we have something newsworthy... A Beatnik Turtle Away Team is being assembled to beam down to Mahoney's (551 Ogden Ave. Chicago, IL) at 8:30pm, Thursday, May 14, 2009. The team will encounter Silvergirl and Absinthe & The Dirty Floors while playing songs from each of their 2009 RPM Challenge albums and more. Accompanying the BT Away Team, from the band Fourth Half, will be Dave Siegel on drums and Marc Ilsanto on rhythm guitar.

Be there or kindly be square.