Sunday, September 6, 2009

Drunk Man's Junk

This week's song at tells the tale of the "Drunk Man's Junk," based on actual events. It goes back to Dragon*Con 2008 when it was told to us at a party by Dave Slusher, one of the world's first podcasters and the mastermind behind The Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast. Apparently an individual in a kilt drank one too many beverages and passed out in a public spot displaying his,"junk" until a fellow party-goer took the initiative to, uh..."fix" the problem.

Dave wondered if he wrote the lyrics, could we write the music? We of course agreed and so Dave penned the lyrics to the tune and handed it off to us to record as soon as we had the time. We recently grabbed our guitars, cranked our amps, and did a few lyrical touch-ups (adding the moral of the story). So, here it is, one year later, our collaboration in "all its glory." Enjoy!*

*Remember to drink responsibly (that is, don't wear a kilt and decide to go commando when you decide to party all day, okay?)