Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Even Though Santa Doesn't Like You

Every year around this time our "Un-Holiday" album, SANTA DOESN'T LIKE YOU, respawns, er, gets reborn. (Jesus was the world's first respawner, no?). And it's that album as well as all the Un-Holiday songs freely available at that put our entire band in the awkward position of passing on Season's Greetings.

"How can you say Merry Christmas to me when you have a song called Christmas is a Vulture?" they say.

Um, it's satire?

"And what's this about Santa not speaking Spanish? Do you play that to kids?"

Oh, that one. We just thought it would be funny if Santa couldn't speak Spanish. You know, "Santa" is a Spanish word anyway and --.

"Whatever, jerk."

So, just in case you're not that person and won't hold it against us, "Happy Holidays" anyway -- no matter what you celebrate (or don't).