Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inbox Infinity. Used up 61% of my Gmail Allotment

"You are currently using 4565 MB (61%) of your 7479 MB."

I'm not one of these Inbox Zero guys. I have no problem receiving tons of emails, reading them, and letting them just sit there in my inbox. I rarely tag or organize them into folders (unlike what I have to do at my job in order to make Outlook work right). I've used Gmail's search function way too much to know I can rely on it. Plus, I don't delete because I've learned from experience I have no idea which email is important in the future.

I receive a ton of email thanks to the two books I co-wrote, the Electronic Musician column (we told you we're writing for Electronic Musician Magazine right? Er...), the IndieGuide.com site, and Beatnik Turtle alone. That doesn't count all all the bacn -- notifications I subscribe to --  from Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and various indie musician services, financial services, and newsletters. And then there's all the family, friend, and general correspondence stuff. It's all adding up. 61% so far.

Anyone out there who uses Gmail close to 100%? Maybe you've gone past it? I'm curious as to whether you sat down one weekend and deleted all the needless stuff to bring it back down a bit or just said, screw it, my time's valuable and reached for your wallet to pay the great Goog? If you've got any suggestions, please email me -- er, just comment at this blog.