Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sham Rockin' The Radio

That's right! Songs from our album Sham Rock are being played on the radio. WVVS, the station for Valdosta State University in Georgia has added "Beer, Beer, Beer" to its rotation for the next few months. And the Proud To Be Irish show on WVCR based out of New York played "Holy Ground" on a recent episode. Then near the end of October, the Celtic Show on WRFG Radio Free Georgia in Atlanta also played "Holy Ground" on an episode.

Also, the hilarious site HoboTrashcan played "Well Fuck" on their Hobo Radio podcast, episode 152: Where in the world is Lars?. This episode features extensive food discussion (purple potatoes!), reminiscing about first cars, and movie talk. Check out the episode here! Big thanks to Joel for playing us.

As always, you can get your own copy of these songs and support Beatnik Turtle!

Well Fuck (iTunes, Amazon)
Sham Rock album (CDBaby, Amazon)

All of our songs are podsafe, so contact us if you are a podcaster who would like to play any of our music.