Monday, February 28, 2011

RPMChallenge 2011 -- We Did It!

We just completed our 5th RPMChallenge!

We kept it primarily under wraps -- only because we didn't know if we could pull it off this year with the band split between the US and Ireland. But, about 14 days into February, we rolled up our sleeves and gave it a go after being encouraged by many friends and fellow RPMers.

Besides, how could we break our run of 5 albums?

We couldn't.

So, with the band split across the world, we opted to boot up the hard drives and try our hands at making an album that would require very little recording -- a remix album.

We'd never done a remix album before, so it was quite a challenge. We opted for more of an old school "80s long version" type remixing rather than a "techno dance, thump-thump-thump-thump" type of remix.

To do this, we found that it was far easier to try new things to those songs in our back catalog that were more off-the-beaten path such as The Love Notary, Mr. Brown's Daughter, and Lies Make The Baby Jesus Cry. That said, we also tackled a couple of our more popular songs found on our albums such as others from our albums like Under The Radar and My Cereal.

Looks like we'll be doing what we usually do with these RPM albums -- keep working on them and release them in the future.

All in all -- another fun project! If you're a musician, consider trying your hand at the RPMChallenge next year. We hope to be there for our 6th!!