Saturday, December 31, 2016

Beatnik Turtle Turns 20! Turns 10!

Happy 2017!

The band is celebrating 2 things this January 1, 2017. First, Beatnik Turtle turns 20 years old January 1st. Second, the band is celebrating the 10th anniversary of

That's right -- 10 years ago tonight at midnight Beatnik Turtle launched its boldest project to date: releasing 365 songs, one song for each day of 2007.

The site is still alive and well. It's been kickin' tunes weekly since January 1, 2008. And, we're leaving the site "as is" so it's an artifact to the world wide web circa the mid-2000s. So, if you visit it, prepare to step back in time. Before iPhones, VR, AI assistants, self-driving cars, and Uber.

Happy New Year! Here's to a music-filled 2017!